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FREE Residential Tenant Database

Australian Property Management Departments and Residential Complex Managers can now subscribe to DataKatch’s Residential Tenant Database for FREE.

Underpinned by the principles of data science, DataKatch’s FREE Residential Tenant Database will provide subscribers access to the latest tenant screening technology aiding in the management of defaulting tenants.

In addition to gaining access to DataKatch’s Residential Tenant Database subscribers will also be provided unrestricted access to DataKatch’s Profile Checks Analyse, Rental Serviceability Scoring System, Intelligent Listings System and more.

Features & Functions

Tenant Database

Find out if tenancy applicants and occupants have been reported to [datakatch] as default tenants.

Profile Checks Analyser

Discover if any searches have previously been conducted on tenancy applicants and occupants.

Internal Database

Search and retrieve information on tenancy applicants and occupants stored within your internal database.

Qucik Lookup

One click link to process Google, LinkedIn and AustLII searches on tenancy applicants or occupants

Serviceability Scoring

Score tenancy applicants using collective data analysed by our predictive analysis algorithms.

Listings System

Our no-restrictions listings process, can define if a listing complies with Tenancy Database Legislation.